Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A New SCHURTER Website

A website is something like a display window for a company. For this reason, the more than five-year old SCHURTER web presence was renewed and adjusted to current practices.

The SCHURTER website is valued by many customers, since it has all of the necessary information presented in a simple way. An adjustment was made particularly necessary through the new company organization, since the input systems sector not only continually becomes more important through higher revenues but also through the integration of Danielson. 

However, the product catalog only plays a minor role here, while competence in the area of technology applications is of greater importance and is presented correspondingly. Also, in the still young Solutions division it is just as important to show the different competencies in the product life cycle, which should increase the confidence for collaborating with SCHURTER as a service provider.

For the development of the new website, specific customer interviews were conducted, key usage numbers were collected for the current site, and usability concepts were gathered from the fashion industry. The world’s best Internet shops were also examined to prepare the new structure of the website. The design went through several steps and then was also verified by an independent consulting firm before the data maintenance could begin. The analyses showed very different user profiles, which all would like to be optimally served. For this purpose, corresponding role models and possible entry scenarios were developed and information paths were optimized specifically for a completion point.

The scope of the functions provided now presented serious problems for our new implementation partner during migration, since these functions often are only completely understood by specialists. This meant that the implemented solutions could not be enabled immediately but rather had to be adapted to customer requirements during complex test procedures. Because of this, it also was not possible to stick to the timetable.  

We are convinced that we can provide a fully developed website, which is modern, versatile, multilingual, quickly available and secure. Furthermore, it can also be easily adapted to local requirements. We hope that it will also fulfill the goals set in the coming years.

Visit our new website.

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