Monday, 22 August 2016

Challenge – The First Step, SEP – Successful Beginning

Since 1 April, SCHURTER has a new group company in Poland. The managing director Mariusz Duczek at SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z o.o. is proud to report on the preparations and the beginning the enterprise.

Change is a constant in this world. A challenge of mastering change is an attractive vision for executives in my opinion. My first contact with SCHURTER was 18 years ago and lasted only a moment – a provider of a broad range of products. History repeats itself. During the job interview it was clear that the SCHURTER expansion into Poland would be a major challenge. I had not expected that I would be the head of this project. But dreams come true and the actual adventure began when I came to Luzern in September 2015.

In the first place, it was culture shock. For someone like me, someone from Eastern Europe, the lived corporate culture and the respect for foreign people and cultures at SCHURTER is something very unique. Secondly, the exchange of knowledge, networking, relationships and personal trust from management were unbelievably motivating for me to become a valuable member of the SCHURTER family. Living with a Swiss family, a few excursions, a view of Pilatus every day, and many training sessions all provided me with a good basis for understanding the spirit and vision of the company. It was a decisive and necessary experience for feeling the expectation and the responsibility.

The project began and a weekly list with corrections for unexpected obstacles was kept. Every day, we made some progress in little steps. The major challenge was the annual budget with the high startup costs on one side and the difficult to predict revenues on the other. We lost a good first quarter because the start was planned for 1 April 2016. In addition to this, there were new terms and conditions for the distributors and the takeover of these sales channels. This was not so simple. To be honest, it is still just a pure calculation into the future of how to build up direct sales, increase the distributors channel, and thus achieve the breakeven point as quickly as possible. The game has already started and we are on the right track.

The decisive factor for our success is the team: Katarzyna Juszczak for sales, Magdalena Glejzer for finance, Maciej Osowiecki as the field sales engineer and me as managing director. We are all aware of our roles, the strategy and the expansion objectives. This was apparent when everyone worked as a concentrated team during the SAP implementation. IT supported us very well during this implementation.

Is the SCHURTER organization in Poland still a challenge? When I think about it now, I have the impression that it is more a passion, and there is satisfaction and pride in being responsible for this project. Organizational transformation – yes, ambitious goals – surely, dreams of success and great optimism – those are my initial associations. We have just begun and would like to climb to the top. The prospects are good and the challenge is only the first step.

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