Monday, 26 September 2016

SCHURTER IP Protection

SCHURTER offers various components which not only offer an increased protection factor within them but also offer the possibility of installing the components to the housing wall without leaks. These are the components in the area of power supply, such as device connector plugs, device connector plugs with line filter or fuse holder, but also operational elements such as switches, buttons or device circuit breakers. We have differentiated two fundamental levels of function in regards to IP protection:

IP protection to the device: Depending on the functionality of the device, the seal of the device plug combination element can be shaped manifold. For a device plug with a fuse holder and filter the seal concept is composed of various measures. Usage examples for those seeking to seal a device:
  • devices sealed for cleanliness purposes (medical devices, kitchen appliances)
  • battery-powered outdoor devices
  • devices with sensitive electronics/mechanics in dusty environments
  • devices whose internals are under vacuum
IP protection to the device including power supply: The seal of the device plug can now be extended to the protection of plug connections. This additional safeguard assures a certain protection against the unwanted entry of moisture and dust when working with power cables that are plugged in. When plugged into a cable socket, the seal prevents liquids and dust on the plug pins from reaching live parts, as well as from ending up in the socket. Examples where sealing of a device including protection of the power supply is desired:
  • medical devices (endoscopy,laboratory equipment) and electrical measuring devices
  • ultrasonic cleaning devices
  • commercial kitchen appliances, food preparation

SCHURTER offers you a large selection of products with increased IP protection, which are tailored to their respective needs and functions.

Fuseholders IP 54 IP 65 IP 67 IP 68
Connectors IP 54 IP 65
Circuit Breakers IP 54 IP 65
Input Systems IP 64 IP 65 IP 66 IP 67 IP 68 IP 69K
EMC-Products IP 65

A detailed product overview can be found on our SCHURTER website
Download the whitepaper.