Monday, 24 October 2016

Customer Segmentation at SCHURTER

The segmentation of customers by industries serves the targeted working of the market. With this categorization, specific requirements can be recognized better and therefore also served better.

SCHURTER has known about the division of products by strategic business units for a long time. For example, all fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers and voltage selectors are collected together in the strategic equipment protection business unit. From the point of view of the company, this approach is certainly meaningful since the different disciplines and competences can be bundled within a certain solutions area through this division. Therefore, we would like to stick to these known divisions.

For customers, however, such a product-oriented division makes only limited sense. Through this, we can market our competence in the equipment protection area, in other words for current-surge protection, for example. While doing so, however, very different requirements emerge depending on the area of application along with the framework terms and conditions that must be complied with and which vary significantly in terms of authorization.

This is where the segmentation by industries begins. This division takes into consideration the similar requirements of the customers. This presupposes that the individual industry areas can be fundamentally differentiated from each other. From this point of view, countless divisions would now be possible. Therefore, a certain amount of weight is also placed on a view into the future. The segmentation therefore is also oriented to projected earnings.

SCHURTER has selected a limited number of product ranges for this which primarily comply with common norm standards, demonstrate a certain degree of stability and also have great potential for future business. For this, the measurability of the market and the development of SCHURTER were taken into consideration. For us, it is of corresponding importance whether we are even perceived as a supplier. The marketing of our offering comes precisely into play right here and very much depends on potential customers also processing and noticing this information.

The segmentation by industries is very important for us in our working of the markets. Our objective is to achieve at least 50% of our revenues through distribution channel with this strategy. Accordingly, an assignment by segment cannot be directly influenced here. For this reason, we are first concentrating on the second 50%, which we work directly. Here we will differentiate the processing depending on the support. In a few branches, such as, for example, the automobile industry or space, collaboration with the development plays a central role. Therefore, for this we will also use key customer advisors, who are familiar with the development process and close to the customer. But for example, in medical technology, things look different because applicable global norm standards are in place now. We can cover these very well with our standard range of products.

Newly edited segments at SCHURTER:
  1. Industrial Equipment 
  2. Medical Equipment 
  3. Data & Communication
  4. Avionics & Space
  5. Automotive
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