Thursday, 13 July 2017

What you can gain from using a graphic overlay?

What you can gain from using a graphic overlay?

If you have a product but need a smart user-friendly front display, then graphic overlays will be the answer. SCHURTER has been designing and manufacturing graphic overlays for many years, for a wide range of businesses in various sectors. Below you will find four points that show what you can gain from using a graphic overlay.


The importance of quality, robust material is ever present when producing a graphic overlay. This allows them to be used in any environment that they could be exposed to.


In brief, graphic overlays can be customised in any way you want. The amount of choice you have is limitless. Potential customisable features include textured surfaces, embossing, adhesive choices and even brail. These choices are important as the overlay should look appealing, but also provide textural context to the user. One of the most crucial parts of designing the graphic overlay is the ink and colour choice. To decide what colour, we at SCHURTER use a spectrophotometer which is a device that's connected to a computer. This measures the colour electronically and takes very sophisticated readings of the values which it then breaks down to show what amount of colour is needed to create the Pantone or RAL reference you require. We can also match colour swatches from samples. It means we can create very accurate colour matches for your graphic overlay.


Graphic Overlays attach easily to many surfaces by using adhesives. These make it quick and simple to apply and you can be safe in the knowledge that it will stay fixed down. We have a great knowledge on adhesives and we can recommend the best one for your products.

Easy to clean 

Being easy to clean is sometimes overlooked, but with certain products hygiene is key. For example, medical equipment needs to be constantly clean. SCHURTER understands what the medical market demands, we offer easy to clean antibacterial coatings and resistance against chemicals and solvents.

If graphic overlays is something you think your Company needs then look no further than SCHURTER Electronics Ltd

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