Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Why the touch screen monitor is transforming the medical industry

The medical industry is a tough and challenging industry that has to constantly keep up with demands. The industry needs the latest technology that is easy to use, allows medical staff to access essential data quickly, and is adaptable in a rapidly changing sector. 

The SCHURTER Solution

Within SCHURTER Input Systems, we have specialists who can support you in the optimisation process and thereby bringing success to your product design.

Below are three points that show why the touch screen has changed the medical industry for the better.

Patient monitors and test results

All Medical staff can use the touch screen technology as an essential part of daily patient care.  With a data connection test results, X-rays, medical history and other information can be easily accessed and monitored. Medical staff can track their patient’s progress & medical diagnosis through various stages in their treatment in real time. 

Use of gloves

Using touch screens even when wearing medical gloves is now possible. SCHURTER has made this possible because of the superior signal-to-noise ratio. This has been obtained by our high-performance sensor, in combination with a state-of-the-art controller chip. This now allows medical staff who require gloves to use the touch screens without taking their gloves off and equally saving time.

Patient user experience

Using a touch screen monitor to check in for an appointment in local healthcare facilities are becoming more common. With many practices opting for the idea because of how simple it is for users. All that is required is to confirm their date of birth and appointment time before then being directed to the waiting area. 

Touch screens can also help users with navigation around a hospital by offering an easy to use interface that’s offers the best route to the end destination.

The experience of medical applications is key to successfully implement new medical applications. Within the SCHURTER Input Division, we have specialists to assist you for this optimisation and bring your product design to a success.