Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How Optical Bonding can transform your touchscreen

Touchscreens are designed to be easy to use, along with a superb display and visuals. But what happens when you lose those visuals due to glare and reflection from direct sunlight or bright lights. In most displays, there will be an air gap between the LCD and the glass panel. This air gap causes reflections by light refraction at the surfaces of the display and the touchscreen.

So how do you avoid bright light affecting the display and making the visuals stand out even more? 

It is achieved by a process called Optical Bonding. This is a protective highly transparent adhesive in the gap between the touchscreen and LCD. The main purpose of optical bonding is to improve the displays visuals and clarity. This method eliminates the air gap between the cover glass and the display meaning the contrast and brightness of the colours are increased.  

Other benefits from the use of Optical Bonding include,

  •       Increased durability as the touchscreens strength is improved which makes it more resistant to glass breakage.
  •       Improved heat dissipation by filling the insulating air gap between the components, heat can be derived to the outside.
  •     No condensation moisture can occur and no dust or dirt particles can enter by filling the insulating air gap.

SCHURTER can offer Optical bonding for your touchscreen solution so contact us to find out more – we’re happy to help. 

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