Monday, 9 October 2017

Save time and money with SCHURTER's tailor made solutions

The competition from the Far East does not sleep. Through numerous distributors, it offers a range of cost-effective standard touch panels. The ease of a standard item and low costs are attractive, but is this the right option for an industrial or medical machine application?

Touch Screen Life Cycle

Input systems for industrial and medical machines are often subject of an extended life-cycle expectancy, around 10 to 15 years. A touch panel for these would consist of a selection of components such as touch sensor, display, controller and electronics. 

The majority of these components are subject to rapid technical advances, with displays, this is 2 to 3 years. However, the touch sensors and the corresponding controllers also change very quickly due to technological advancements.

What does this mean for the machine manufacturer?

In a standard touch screen panel, this will mean every few years the item will be discontinued and a new item will replace it. It will be down to the machine manufacturer to check the new items compatibility, as the panel could have changed size, controller software, cable positions etc. 

For a machine manufacturer, this means valuable engineering time will be required every few years to check compatibility, to re-validate the panel or ever to re-certify. 

How much will all of this “extra” work cost over the lifetime of a machine?   

The SCHURTER Solution

SCHURTER offers its customers the complete solution. This means we assume responsibility for the whole input system. We are also responsible for the availability of the products and components throughout the entire cycle. SCHURTER guarantees a product with full compatibility, form and function throughout the entire service life. 

During the development phase, customers are made aware of the complexity of the product design with the relevant parameters. Aspects such as the availability of components and long-term availability, exchange possibilities and qualification also play an important role in product design. These aspects are often forgotten and pushed to the side for cost reasons.

The longer the lifecycle of the product, the more important it is to have an experienced system provider who can advise on the choice of the individual components. A system supplier with the appropriate competencies and manufacturing facilities can also significantly reduce the time required to develop a product. This gives the customer peace of mind that their product is in the right hands.  

If you’re looking into an HMI/touchscreen solution for an industrial or medical machine with the lowest cost to you over the lifetime of your product then look no further than SCHURTER 

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