Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bringing the sound of the World Cup 2018 home

England may not be bringing the World Cup home this year but the team have restored hope and faith in the British public for the next World Cup. One part of the match that is a certain score is the sound, but how are SCHURTER part of this?

Control Panels & Touchscreens

SCHURTER has a core role in large sporting events such as the Super Bowl and now the World Cup. The custom made control panel, built with state of the art touchscreen technology, enables the sound engineers to manage all of the sound mixing. Including England's winning goal cheers directly to your TV.

The HMI solution

SCHURTER is a leading provider of customised HMI solutions to the sound and video mixing industries. With our in depth knowledge and extensive product range, we can advise on the ideal solution for your business needs. Engineers around the world choose our customers products because of the interface that SCHURTER provides.  

To find out how we can help your business find the right solution, contact us today.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How SCHURTER Electronics is changing your dentist appointment

From waiting in line to book in for your appointment, to experiencing an unnerving wait in the dentist chair while they tap away at their keyboard, visiting the dentist isn't always the best experience. At SCHURTER Electronics, we are leading the way with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, creating new digital equipment that will save you time and money.

Digital Dentistry

Implementing capacitive touchscreens throughout the surgery is the first adoption of digital dentistry. Enabling patients to book in themselves saving queuing times and staff pressures is the first step to changing patients experience before they sit in the dentist chair.

Touchscreens in Practice

Dentists are now using capacitive touchscreens to explain to patients what they are seeing and how they can help. The display can give patients detailed visuals and help give a complete overview of any necessary surgery. While this can be a daunting thought for any patient, by allowing the patient to see what the dentist see's can help settle any nerves and enable any questions to be answered.

WATCH: How your next touchscreen solution is built

Ultrasonic Technology

Cutting edge ultra-sonic dental equipment uses touch technology to control the system. Ultrasonic technology equipment is accurate, fast, highly powerful, reliable and less invasive. For the dentist, a touch technology control panel provides a naturally intuitive experience. For the patient, the technology confers outstanding outcomes, less swelling and pain and complications.
Overall the patient experience is improved, is less traumatic and results in a swifter recovery.

To learn more on how our leading innovations can work in the medical sector, please click on the link below.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

With the growing buzz around industry 4.0, IOT, intelligent software and cyber-physical systems how will all of this be implemented into a smart factory and how will touchscreen technology fit in with industry 4.0?

Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology will be part of what is known as industry 4.0. It will create what is commonly known as a smart factory, connecting the digital world to the physical one.

Automated machines will be controlled by smart software, seamlessly connecting in real time to humans who can visualise  large amounts of data and make better business decisions.

The benefits factories and production lines will gain from this could be:

  • increased output
  • less downtime
  • faster/smarter processes

It will also give the production lines an increased amount of data, that can be used to increase performance and understanding of the production line.

The Touchscreen Solution

A touchscreen solution would offer an interface to control all this information. It would help ensure your factory is making the most of the technology offered by industry 4.0.

Touchscreen control solutions can be implemented in any industry where there’s human intervention with a machine. The increased demand for touchscreens is being driven by the need for enhanced efficiency and data security.  These complex machines need a control system, that’s why it’s imperative a touchscreen solution is used to help make your factory a smart one.

The Future Investment

A study by PwC shows that 'manufacturers intend to invest 5% of their revenue on digitisation by 2020 the most substantial part of which will be spent on sensors and HMI panels'. (Eureka Magazine).

With this knowledge, it’s safe to say that touchscreen solutions will be used to help make industry 4.0 a reality. If you don’t want to be left behind and really make the most of what industry 4.0 could offer, then looking into a touchscreen solution should be top of the list. 

SCHURTER is a leading touchscreen solutions provider, we can advise on the best solution for you. Using our Product lifecycle system SCHURTER can ensure your product is managed from the design and prototype phase all the way to the finished product.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

How a touchscreen solution can improve food industry equipment

Food manufacturing is a big industry in the UK and is strictly regulated for health and safety reasons. So checks for contamination and inedible materials are constant. X-ray technology is the ideal solution to inspect food, identifying physical contaminants. Such as metal, glass, stone and dense plastic to guarantee product safety. X-ray systems can also measure mass and check for damaged products or packaging, ensuring product integrity. It’s only with the use of these type of machines that health and safety laws can comply with.

Touchscreen Solution for food inspection equipment

These machines need to be controlled using an interface that’s easy to use. This is where SCHURTER come in, we offer the best in control system solutions for the food inspection industry. No machine can work without the correct control solution. There is a high level of detail that goes into building these machines. This means it needs an interface to match. The control system must also meet strict regulations of its own. This would entail being easy to clean by washdowns and being built using materials which cannot turn contaminants themselves, such as broken glass. If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything that you ask of it.

Why should you upgrade to a touchscreen solution?

SCHURTER's Touchscreen solutions

An HMI solution that isn’t a touchscreen solution will over time need new features. These changes and features can be installed with ease to a touchscreen solution. This will not be as seamless in an old switching panel. A touchscreen also offers a stream of information quickly displayed and easily acted upon. Older systems can slow down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Slowing down your food equipment, shouldn’t be the result of your HMI solution.

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Southern Manufacturing review 2018

Southern Manufacturing review 2018 

Manufacturing exhibitions are a great way to network and advertise products and services. Southern manufacturing is arguably one of the best for this. This manufacturing trade show has a large turnout each year. This means there’s a large audience of people who you can showcase your company to who are interested in manufacturing and could be looking into new products and companies. 

What can you expect from the exhibition?

SCHURTER returned to the exhibition this year and it was noticeable how much it had grown from previous years. The level of planning that had gone into making the exhibition run was evident and it seemed to work better. Factors that made the exhibitions popular.  
  •         New purpose built building
  •         Free parking
  •         Free admission
  •         Full Program of FREE technical seminars.

SCHURTER's Southern Manufacturing stand

Why doing the exhibition is worthwhile.

The Building and venue were impressive, with a new purpose built building. The overall facilities were vastly improved. It helped make the whole exhibition feel more professional and organised. It meant the exhibition offers the perfect environment to meet potential new customers and a platform to showcase your products

This gave SCHURTER a chance to engage in conversations with people who were generally interested in our products. There was a variety of different exhibitors, from many different markets. This included Materials, Aerospace, Automotive, and Electronics, defence & security and Energy. This offers a variety of industries exhibiting a wide selection of products.

SCHURTER would recommend the Southern Manufacturing exhibition to any company that wants to showcase their products and services to potential customers.

Finally, to everyone that we met at the exhibition, it was good to meet you and we hope you found the exhibition as good as we did.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

3 reasons why you need to upgrade your HMI solution

Is your Human machine interface (HMI) no longer up to the job? Then it might be time to upgrade?  If you’re unsure then this blog post will help you to decide. SCHURTER is going to give you its top 3 signs of when it’s time to upgrade your HMI.

HMI solution used to control a machine

Tip 1: Is your control system delivering the functionality you require?  
If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything that you ask of it.  Every control requirement will be easily and quickly accessible. However, over time new features can be installed on the latest machines which might not be as easily accessed on an out of date HMI panel. When this occurs, it slows down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Your customers will become frustrated and may look at other machines that are quicker and easier to use. A major focus in today’s world is speed and efficiency and the HMI solution needs to facilitate this and not hamper it.

Tip 2:  Hard to use interface
An HMI solution should meet all your requirements for your customer. Top of this list should be ease of use/navigation of the system. The system shouldn’t require a huge amount of training to use. If the system is complex with many features that aren’t easy to navigate then your customer’s staff won’t be able to use the machine without lengthy training. Training costs your customers time and money. Remember the control system needs to be easy to use and the operator of the machine needs to be able to use the machine confidently to maximise production.  By designing an HMI solution with ease of use in mind, you are giving your customer a solution that will work for them.

Tip 3: is it touch?
If you’re looking to offer the latest HMI solution, then capacitive touchscreen technology is the leader on the market. The latest touch technology in phones and tablets accompanies our modern lifestyles. This same technology can then be intuitively used in the workplace. Large capacitive screens not only provide a quick exchange of information between the machine and end user but also solve all of the issues of functionality and ease of use and are totally future proof from simple software updates.
If you have decided your HMI unit is no longer up to the job and in need of an upgrade then the solution is simple. It’s also the key to making sure that your machines will be leading in your industry.

Touchscreen solution for an HMI System

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER. 

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

Gyms are a big part of the world we live in today and health and fitness has never been more popular than it is now. There seems to be more and more gym’s popping up each year. In fact, consumer spending on gym membership has soared by 44% in the last few years. What’s making gyms so popular? A big factor is the technology you find in modern gyms. Now gyms are packed with technology that is helping gym goers reach their goals. We will be focusing in particular on touch technology and the benefits it provides.

Touchscreen technology

A touchscreen is the perfect interface for smart exercise machines. Users have complete control of the machine at their fingertips. A user can use these touchscreens to set targets, measure progression and monitor performance with ease. The clear display guides users effortlessly and settings can be altered to match your needs and preferences. This can be achieved if you’re on the treadmill or a rowing machine, the touchscreen display can be mounted to many other machines you would find in the gym. An added benefit for the gyms themselves is the touch display can also be used to capture a target audience in the gym. Small cameras can be added to the equipment that will recognise the age, sex and mood of the person using the equipment and can then play an applicable advert.

Wearable touch technology

The popular Apple iWatch or Fitbit is seen more frequently in the gym.  They give immediate and accurate information to the wearer and can often be connected to gym equipment. This gives users even more control and personal health information such as their heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled during their workouts and can even monitor the wearer's sleeping pattern when at home.

How SCHURTER are involved

This Year SCHURTER has supplied several companies with cutting-edge touchscreen technology for smart exercise machinery. SCHURTER is designing solutions that meet the latest needs of fitness equipment manufacturers by understanding the requirements and needs of the industry and is committed to continuing to design and manufacture the latest touchscreen solutions. If you’re a fitness equipment manufacturer and want to take your machines to the next level, then talk to SCHURTER. We can help you to produce a touch solution just right for you and your customers.

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