Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Looking Forward to 2019

Over the course of 2018, SCHURTER has seen a real need for its products in a range of sectors. As technology within the medical and automotive industries continue to advance rapidly, SCHURTER has invested in developing the latest technology to suit our customers requirements.


For 2019, SCHURTER will exhibit for another year at Southern Manufacturing, PCB Live and EDS. The business are pleased to announce that they will also be exhibiting at Med-Tech. A specific exhibition designed for manufacturers and suppliers within the medical industry. As commented earlier in the year, there is a real need within the medical sector to implement touchscreen technology and our electronic components such as the V-Lock and EMC products are a necessity to any medical business.

Innovative Technology

SCHURTER will continue to reach out to its customers offering solution specific products by advancing the rang of circuit protection products, suitable for the developing automotive industry in electric cars. Providing safe&easy solutions to battery management systems built with AEC-Q200 and IATF-16949 capabilities.

Latest Developments

There have also been new developments in larger displays with ultra-thin borders and the controls of machines using dual screens. These developments allow SCHURTER to adapt and design new products from industry trends, offering new fully customisable options.

One of the latest developments is fold-able touchscreens. Technology giants like Samsung, have taken this challenge on and succeeded in introducing this technology into consumer markets. With SCHURTER's in-house knowledge and expertise, features of this technology could be introduced in 2019 enabling the businesses to gain from the benefits available in the consumer markets.

SCHURTER are looking forward to see what challenges 2019 will bring and adopting the latest industry trends into their technology.

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Monday, 3 December 2018

2018 SCHURTER Round Up

2018 was another strong year for SCHURTER in the UK, with another increase in sales and customers. All the while growing our workforce and internal team of engineers.


This year saw SCHURTER exhibit at three of the biggest electronic exhibitions in the UK; Southern Manufacturing, PCB Live and the Engineering Design Show. Throughout the year we have been working hard to improve our presence at exhibitions and by EDS in October. We had designed and built our unique electronic display stand, allowing us to exhibit our range of components and input systems.

This was well received and we also demonstrated our innovative touchscreen unit, allowing visitors to interact with our products and see all the customisation possibilities SCHURTER can provide.

Innovative Designs

Throughout the year we were keen to optimise our existing products and work with our customers to develop new technology. As part of these developments - we created our latest demonstration kit, the AURORA. This kit combines all aspects of our business in one product - displaying our capabilities in one.

We have successfully launched numerous products including our MGA-A fuse which has the highest breaking capacity for a 1206 fuse on the market at 300A @125VDC.

In 2018, we have also added to our engineering capability in our input systems division. Our new Applications Engineer enables us to design and develop the latest touchscreen technology here in the UK. This knowledge provides a range of possibilities to our new and existing customers.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

EDS 2018

On the 17 - 18 October this year, our team exhibited at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The annual EDS is a key date for our exhibition calendar. Giving us the opportunity to catch up with existing suppliers and customers, also giving us the chance to start journeys with new businesses.

EDS 2018 

This year, we decided to change our exhibition stand by introducing our new interactive electronics display. 

Previously our products have been on display but behind glass cabinets, hindering visitors to interact with our products. 

Taking this learning forward, we created our interactive electronics display.

This not only encouraged interested parties to stop, but also those who weren't necessarily looking for what we have to offer - broadening their electronics knowledge and giving them the chance to learn of our products and business.

SmartScan App

Another change we made this year, was to use the SmartScan App supplied by the show organisers. By scanning visitor's QR codes on their badges, it allows us to capture important data with efficiency and ease. 

Post exhibition, we were able to download the data easily and it saved precious time for our team on the stand. This tool we would highly recommend and will be continuing to use this for future exhibitions.

Overall, we spoke to a range of people including engineers and company directors - really gaining an insight into how SCHURTER can help find these business's their electronic solutions. We are optimistic about the leads generated from the show and we look forward to catching up with the businesses we met in the next few weeks...roll on EDS 2019.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Bucks Skills Show 2018 - Opening The Door Into Electronics

Our team recently exhibited at the annual Bucks Skills Show, meeting some fantastic students who are in the process of considering their next steps into the world of work.

Bucks Skills Show

The annual show encourages businesses from and around Buckinghamshire to exhibit their career opportunities for students aged 11 - 18 years old. With over 2,000 students visiting, it not only gives them, but teachers and parents the chance to meet with a range of businesses and find out what they each have to offer the next generation.

>>learn more on Bucks Skills Show

Meeting The Next Generation

Over the course of the two days, we meet many people interested to learn more about the world of electronics. Giving the students an insight into how our global and national operations work, discussing our own experiences of working for SCHURTER and how they can get involved.

What SCHURTER Have To Offer

Apprenticeships and work experience were the main focus throughout the event. Both teachers and parents were particularly interested in how our brand could support their own students' and children with the development and integration into working life.

The overall response from the exhibition was positive. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Bucks Skills Show. Our involvement with students is something we aim to take forward into 2019, from being involved with school career days to offering possible site visits and potentially work experience.

To learn more on SCHURTER and how you could start your SCHURTER journey feel free to contact us via email.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Electronic Components Within The Medical Industry

At SCHURTER, we are continuously monitoring the changing requirements and needs of the medical industry. Through the development of new technologies and break-through medical advances, our business maintains an in-depth knowledge.


We take our responsibility seriously by offering reliable and well-designed components along with global standards. It is our duty to reduce the risk of electrical shock and help customers avoid an EMC non-compliance or safety shut down mechanisms.

Medical Components

Medical apparatus are associated with IEC-60601 and have many sub categories which define compliance to specific equipment types. A good example of this, is our filtered power entry module, DC12 which provides protection class II. The DC12 has been designed according to IEC 60601-1-11 which outlines additional safety measures specific to medical equipment used in the home. Importantly, the level of insulation offered is doubled when compared to Class I Inlet filters.

>> view DC12 datasheet

Our components are included within many diagnostic equipment such as:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Endoscopes
  • Ophthalmic tonometer's
  • Medical pumps
  • Centrifuges
  • Blood glucose meters
For critical life care we have experience of supplying components into critical applications including defibrillators and dialysis equipment. 

Practical Innovations

A medical system is designed by teams of engineers who are frequently focused on specific system functions. Some more obvious system requirements can be overlooked at the early stage of the design process. For example, not considering EMC, fuse derating factors or considering circuit breakers.

A practical innovation has been adopted by employing our V-Locking mains cable with mating inlets, avoiding accidental disconnection of power.

Medical Standards

Our decision to focus on Means of Patient Protection (MOPP), which is the safety of the patient receiving treatments or Means of Operator Protection (MOOP) is critically important. We incorporate these practices throughout our design and development process of all components in critical applications.

Reviewing the standards at components level, does not ensure 100% compliance for the whole instrument's compliance. It is good practice to select the best safe, reliable and well-designed components.

We must always consider the application and overall system performance. It sounds like a cliché, however it is true; a partnership is helpful at the earliest stage of the design process.

To find out more on what SCHURTER can offer the medical industry, visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact our team via email to arrange of FREE consultation. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Touch The Future Of Audio Mixing

The live sound mixing console is rapidly changing. It is not so long ago that analogue mixing consoles were dominating the console market. However, year on year, the industry has been converting to...digital. It is this new format that is offering a new world of ease of use and creativity.

Mixing with Touch Technology

As the market has changed, so have the requirements of the humane machine interface. the equipment, switches, dials and faders are now being replaced with capacitive touch screen technology, allowing the sound engineers a more intuitive experience. Combining the latest digital technology and operating system software.

The SCHURTER Solution

SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of touchscreen technology to the sound mixing desk market. The touchscreens are used by sound engineers to reliably and consistently deliver the perfectly mixed sound in live music and sporting events around the globe.

To find out more about our Input Systems, visit our website. If you would like to discuss how we can find your business solution, email our team today to arrange a consultation.

Monday, 1 October 2018

PCAP Touch Displays - Overcoming The Challenges

Touchscreens are rapidly becoming the prevalent technology for any interaction between human and machine. The push in the last decade has come from projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens being rapidly adopted in a range of sectors.

An example of these are sectors are:

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Vending
  • Point of Sale 

PCAP Development

To develop a PCAP touchscreen for a wide range of applications and environments, it requires complete understanding of the individual components. Examples of the components are; the cover lens material, touch sensor or any modular shortcut capacitive keys.

The first consideration should always be who will be using the touchscreen. How will they be using it and where? This will then drive the selection of the individual components and how they will work together.

The Challenges

Consideration needs to be given to how the following challenges will be overcome during the process.

Multi touch use: how will the touch display be used? Do all ten fingers need to be recognised or is this less?

EMC requirements: where will the machine be used and what are the electromagnetic compatibility standards required? This is very important in some areas such as a hospital critical care unit or in some military equipment. EMI in the environment is also an important factor as electrical interference can produce false “ghost” touches if not factored into the selection of components and tuning of the controller firmware. This can be critical in environments with lots of machines operating such as a factory.

Water, condensation and steam: both water and steam can produce ghost actuations on a PCAP screen. With the complete knowledge of the firmware in the PCAP controller, the system can be made to identify and ignore the presence or water, steam and condensation.

>> Read more on Touch Technologies in the Great Outdoors

Will the machine operators be using gloves: if known at the initial stages, the PCAP design can be specifically designed to operate perfectly for a variety of gloves.

Could this machine be subject to vandalism: a PCAP touchscreen can be ruggedised to perform in harsh environments such as door access, ATM or ticket machines. An increased thickness of chemically strengthened or toughened glass can be used to withstand situations where machines may be subject to deliberate vandalism.

The SCHURTER Solution

Only a manufacturer with in-depth knowledge gained from working with the individual components of the touchscreen can produce the correct design and product for complex modern environments. 

SCHURTER has been designing and producing touch solutions for over 40 years and with its supreme knowledge, skills and experience in capacitive solutions, we are the partner of choice for some of the most prominent European manufacturers of machines in a multitude of markets.

To find out more on our touch display solutions visit our website. Alternatively you can email our team for to arrange a FREE consultation.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Benefits of OLED Displays

An organic light-emitting diode (OLED), is further development of LED technology in which the electroluminescent layer is made of an organic compound.

OLED technology and adoption has developed quickly in the last few years as OLEDS offer many advantages over both LED and LCD technology.

The Advantages of OLED

Unlike LCDs, an OLED display generates its own lights, therefore does not require back-lighting. This means that they will consume considerably less power. This is an important factor in mobile hand held devices where power consumption is an important issue.

Along with this OLEDs are:
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • More flexible than either an LED or LCD


Along with the lower power consumption and improved mechanical properties, an OLED is also brighter than an LCD or LED. This is due to its multi-layered conductive and emissive layers, it also does not require a glass support which absorbs light.

An OLED is now the display of choice in many commercial applications such as mobile phones, TV, monitors and digital cameras. With the current technology push to curved or flexible displays, OLED will have an important part of the future.

However, LCD and LED have an established following and their own advantages along with their longer lifetimes.

There is also the development of quantum-dot light emitting diodes (QLED) that is now entering the display arena in large size displays and is touted to be the long-term replacement of LCD.

It will be interesting to see if there is one winning technology for the future, or if the present situation will continue where requirements and size determine the correct technology.

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Thursday, 20 September 2018

The SCHURTER Design Process: Design to Production

Understanding the what, where and how your business will implement a touchscreen solution into your everyday needs is the initial stage in our product design process. You can read how we work through those requirements in our article, ‘The SCHURTER Design Process: What Does Your Customer Want.'  

Drawing Stage

Once we have an understanding of the business needs and sourced the components from our suppliers, we can start the drawing stage.

At SCHURTER we offer a fully customisable touchscreen solution. This can involve modifying components to fit the customised product. Once we have briefed the suppliers of the modifications, they return to us, a drawing with these included. The customer will also be involved at this stage, with us requiring approval from them.

SCHURTER also ensures we approve the supplier drawing before returning it, to start the build.

The Samples

On average samples take up to 12 weeks to arrive at SCHURTER. When they arrive, we check them against the original drawing and once we have completed our checks, the samples are forwarded to the customer.

Once our customer has received the products and approved them, our team will move onto the next part of the journey, pre-production.


Pilot runs can be requested by the customer, this is when a smaller quantity of the overall order are produced. The main purpose of this is to ensure quality and standards can be maintained when producing on a larger scale. The other reason for pre-production is for the customer to receive concept models which can be used for marketing and distribution.

Once the pre-production products are approved by the customer, the final step is mass production.


Initial production now go ahead, it is normal that production takes place in tranches. The first quantity may not be for the overall order, the actual highest quantity could take a couple of years to build up for the particular product.

Read our previous article: The SCHURTER Design Process: What do your customers want?

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The SCHURTER Design Process: What Do Your Customers Want?

What do your customers want? That is the first question we ask any of our customers. Gaining a solid understanding of what the end customer requires, ensures we consider the right steps when starting the design process of a SCHURTER touchscreen.

Step 1: What is the environment?

Specifying where the touchscreen will be used allows us to define the requirements for a suitable product. There are a range of different environments that need careful consideration, for example:
  • Hazardous
  • Food processing
  • Outside
  • Office
  • Medical
Special measures are always put in place during the research and design phase to ensure the end product can withstand unique environments such as hazardous areas. There are also required certifications and standards we must adhere to. These are considered throughout the design phase to ensure the final product meets all the specifications.

Step 2: Touch Technology

There are a range of ways businesses require their touchscreen to function. For an input system to be used by the public, a simple single touch function is the easiest. Whereas in a medical environment, a multi touch function may be a better option. This could be for a range of reasons such as, zooming in on X-Ray results.

In addition to understanding the environment, there is also the factor of whether gloves will be used. Although it may seem like a simple idea, if we designed a touchscreen not taking this into consideration plus the glove material, the touchscreen wouldn't operate in the same way.

Step 3: What are the display requirements?

Once we have understood the type of environment in which the touchscreen will be placed, we have already gained an understanding of the potential display requirements.

For example, for the medical industry. At SCHURTER, we know a wide viewing angle is normally required, therefore the display would need to be optically bonded to achieve this. There is also the factor of placing a touchscreen in an outside environment. In these applications, daylight viewing is generally a must, therefore again, optical bonding is required. Light transmission and contrast are also other major considerations. 

Step 4: What is the housing unit?

The final step in the process is considering what type of material will be used for the housing unit. For example, in the food processing sector, stainless steel is standard due to continuous wash downs, whereas in an office environment, plastic or aluminium is generally used.

Different housing materials impact on the design, particularly the way the touchscreen is built into the housing unit.

The food processing and medical markets are good examples of where sealing and minimal areas for entrapment of contamination is required. For these markets, we use a closed front design rather than mounting the touchscreen behind the bezel, which is normally used for office environments.

Throughout the design process at SCHURTER Electronics Ltd, we endeavour to source the right materials and maximise the potential of the device to ensure quality and longevity of the product. We continuously liaise and update our customers to ensure we keep an open line of communication in case of any changes along the way.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

A Balancing Act

The Big Issue

As I am sure you know the automotive industry is making a huge shift to electric vehicles, this in turn is drive huge development and innovation in batteries. One of the biggest issues is efficiency, you get a lot less miles out of a full battery charge than you do out of a full tank of fuel be it diesel or petrol.

Battery Balancing

The challenge has been set. Develop a battery that is small and light enough to be in a car that is going to replace the need for a combustion engine. Battery powered engines also have one other draw back, Battery Balancing. Batteries usually consist of several cells, these cells need to be managed to ensure that they all charge to the maximum time after time to maintain the same efficiency of the first charge.

The need for a battery management system has arose. These systems can ensure the batteries charge to their maximum, and increase the life-cycle of the batteries by monitoring the charging and discharging process. Batteries are at risk when they are exposed to over temperature, short-circuits  and pulsed over currents. SCHURTER offer many different fusing options to protect against this. Including the USN 1206, RTS, UST ranges.

If you would like to find out more about battery balancing technology, you can read the full application note below.


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Touch Technology in the Great Outdoors

Outdoor applications for Touchscreens

Touchscreen technology forms part of our everyday lives. From the Pay at Pump petrol stations to withdrawing money from a cash machine. The demand for the everyday touchscreen is far greater than ever before as users want an instant response and the quickest way to get it, bringing the touchscreen at the forefront of businesses strategies.

Advantages of Touch Technology

Adaptability:  Investing in capacitive input systems can pay dividends. If you were to replace a membrane keypad parking machine, when a new design comes to market, it isn't as simple as just installing the new software. The entire unit would need redesigning. Whereas once you have invested in touch capacity, the only function that would need be to be updated is the software. Saving costs for your business in the long term.

Durability:  A membrane keypad has a lifetime of around one million presses. A touchscreen has no limit, the glass will last virtually until it breaks. With the design and technology used to manufacture the glass, it can withstand harsher working environments, a range of touch forces and weather tolerances. An option to ensure maximum durability is to review the thickness of the glass. Producing a product with thicker glass will ensure a longer lifespan, in turn also saving long term costs.

All Weather Proof

Rain: If sealed properly within the housing unit or enclosure, manufacturing a water resistant touchscreen is possible. It is key to note, although an input system can tolerate rain, if submerged in water the functions will not withstand. As water is a conductor, the touchscreen will interpret this as human interaction, therefore it will not work.

Sun: A touchscreen is no different from any other piece of glass. If left out in the sun it will heat causing it to become too hot to touch. A touchscreen can continue to function until approximately 70 degrees, however to touch this with bare hands would definitely cause a reaction from the user!

Cold: A touchscreen can still function with temperatures dropping to around minus 20. Even though temperatures like this are rarely experienced in the UK, it is a consideration SCHURTER takes into account when testing our touchscreen solutions.

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is the method in which the air gap between the touch and the display is removed. This process makes the touch and the display essentially one unit. Imagine gluing the display and the touch together, and light from the display only has the outside surface of the glass to overcome. A display without optical bonding will cause refraction and reflection due to the various layers of glass the light from the display has to penetrate.

Watch more on Optical Bonding:

Coating Treatments

Anti-reflective and anti-glare are coating treatments for a touch panel. By adding these finishes to the end product, they will reduce reflection from the sun in a similar way in which the glasses we wear are coated in an anti-glare treatment.

The method is key when designing touchscreens for outdoors and forms part of SCHURTER's overall customer requirements assessment.

To learn more on our products and find out how we can help your business requirements, click on the link below.

Learn more on Touchscreens

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

SCHURTER supports World Challenge student

SCHURTER Electronics have recently been approached by a local student looking for support for a worthy cause, The World Challenge 2019. With our help and fundraising events, we aim to raise funds to support Eleanor Stevens on her once in a lifetime journey to China.

Message from Eleanor

My name is Eleanor Stevens and I am a 16 year old student currently in my final two years at Waddesdon Church of England School in Buckinghamshire.

World Challenge encourages young people to build on their life skills, attitudes towards others and take them out of their comfort zone and experience what other countries have to offer. It is also about giving back, as part of the challenge involves the local community.

Through this organisation and my school, I will be taking part in a four week expedition to China in the summer of 2019. This involves trekking through rural Tibetan villages, camping out and pushing myself to the limits before engaging in a community project.

The community project I have chosen allows me to fully immerse myself in the community's way of life, by living and working alongside local people. As part of this project, I will be teaching English at the village school.

Not only will this challenge significantly benefit the local community, it will also provide me with some real life experience and teach me independence and important life lessons. To take part in this incredibly worthwhile project, I have to raise £4,850.

SCHURTER Electronics are helping me raise funds for this once in a lifetime trip to China. This involves sponsorship and support from the business with raising awareness of my fundraising activities.

In return for this, I will be supporting SCHURTER with my knowledge in graphic design and helping the marketing team with creative input. 

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Monday, 20 August 2018

Design the ideal touchscreen solution for your security system

Security systems in the home and workplace are rapidly changing. As the age of the smart building and home approaches, building owners are becoming increasingly uninterested in a small keypad that only enables a code to arm and disarm a building's alarm.

The Control Panel

A touchscreen enabled device is user friendly and can offer the complete needs of the user's lifestyle and requirements. By incorporating a touch solution as the control panel, the security measures offers ease and familiarity to the user.

A system that comprises of just motion sensors and magnetic door contacts is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Owners increasingly demand a flexible system where they decide what they require. The possibility to add video cameras, control lights, replay video clips, take pictures, communicate with emergency services or even control the thermostat. There is no other interface device more suitable for this than the touchscreen.


SCHURTER is a leading designer and manufacturer of touchscreens and displays. Our unique knowledge of all the required components allows it to design and manufacture the perfect solution for a security control panel. This can include:

  • face recognition camera technology for easy 'one touch' arming and disarming
  • microphone and speaker technology
  • high definition and high brightness displays combined with optical bonding to provide the ultimate viewing experience
All of the combined in an attractive, sleek small footprint housing, ideal for a home or workplace setting.

To learn more on how SCHURTER can provide your security solution, click here.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Smaller, faster, smarter, hotter....?

In today's manufacturing industry, there is an ever increasing need to make products smaller, faster and smarter; greater output in smaller packages. This is a good way to differentiate your product from others in the market and something our customers favour. However, having smaller more densely populated PCB's is not without its problems.

Thermal Runaway

Where there are more components working away, there is the unwanted by-product of heat, this can be problematic. There are many ways to dissipate heat through convection, radiation, conduction, ventilation and clever design. Yet the components still get hot!

This process is referred to as Thermal Runaway.  This describes the process of power semiconductors overheating due to a self reinforcing process generating heat. If this is not monitored the outcome can be damage of the components and can often lead to fire.

Safe & Easy

This is a safety consideration in modern electronics and one that SCHURTER offer as a protective solution.

SCHURTER offer a fully customisable USN 1206 and RTS to help you protect your products and customers.

If you would like to learn more about Thermal Runaway, please click on the Application Note, SCHURTER can offer a Safe and Easy solution to your fusing needs.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

3 reasons why you need to upgrade your HMI solution

Is your Human Machine Interface (HMI) no longer up to the job? Then it might be time to upgrade.  We give you three top reasons it's time to upgrade your HMI.

HMI solution used to control a machine

Tip 1

Is your control system delivering the functionality you require?  

If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything you ask of it.  Every control requirement will be easily and quickly accessible.

However, over time, new features can be installed on the latest machines which might not be as easily accessed on an out of date HMI panel.

When this occurs, it slows down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Your customers may become frustrated and look to seek other HMI solutions. A major focus in today’s world is speed and efficiency, and the HMI solution needs to facilitate this.

Tip 2

Hard to use interface

A HMI solution should meet all the requirements for your customer. Top of this list should be ease of use. If the system is complex with many features that aren’t easy to navigate then your customer won’t be able to use the machine without lengthy training. Training costs your customer time and money, therefore not providing them with the best solution.

By designing a HMI solution with ease of use in mind, you are giving your customer a solution that will work for them.

Tip 3

Is it touch?

If you’re looking to offer the latest HMI solution, then capacitive touchscreen technology is the leader on the market.

The latest touch technology in phones and tablets forms part of our modern lifestyles. This same technology can be intuitively used in the workplace.

Large capacitive screens not only provide a quick exchange of information between the machine and end user, but also solve all of the issues of functionality, ease of use and are completely future proof from simple software updates.

If you have decided your HMI unit is no longer up to the job and in need of an upgrade then the solution is simple. It’s also the key to ensure your machines are leading in your industry.

Touchscreen solution for an HMI System

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER. 

Why the touch screen monitor is transforming the medical industry

The medical industry is a tough and challenging industry that has to constantly keep up with demands. The industry needs the latest technology that is easy to use, allows medical staff to access essential data quickly, and is adaptable in a rapidly changing sector. 

The SCHURTER Solution

Within SCHURTER Input Systems, we have specialists who can support you in the optimisation process and thereby bringing success to your product design.

Below are three points that show why the touch screen has changed the medical industry for the better.

Patient monitors and test results

All Medical staff can use the touch screen technology as an essential part of daily patient care.  With a data connection test results, X-rays, medical history and other information can be easily accessed and monitored. Medical staff can track their patient’s progress & medical diagnosis through various stages in their treatment in real time. 

Use of gloves

Using touch screens even when wearing medical gloves is now possible. SCHURTER has made this possible because of the superior signal-to-noise ratio. This has been obtained by our high-performance sensor, in combination with a state-of-the-art controller chip. This now allows medical staff who require gloves to use the touch screens without taking their gloves off and equally saving time.

Patient user experience

Using a touch screen monitor to check in for an appointment in local healthcare facilities are becoming more common. With many practices opting for the idea because of how simple it is for users. All that is required is to confirm their date of birth and appointment time before then being directed to the waiting area. 

Touch screens can also help users with navigation around a hospital by offering an easy to use interface that’s offers the best route to the end destination.

The experience of medical applications is key to successfully implement new medical applications. Within the SCHURTER Input Division, we have specialists to assist you for this optimisation and bring your product design to a success.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bringing the sound of the World Cup 2018 home

England may not be bringing the World Cup home this year but the team have restored hope and faith in the British public for the next World Cup. One part of the match that is a certain score is the sound, but how are SCHURTER part of this?

Control Panels & Touchscreens

SCHURTER has a core role in large sporting events such as the Super Bowl and now the World Cup. The custom made control panel, built with state of the art touchscreen technology, enables the sound engineers to manage all of the sound mixing. Including England's winning goal cheers directly to your TV.

The HMI solution

SCHURTER is a leading provider of customised HMI solutions to the sound and video mixing industries. With our in depth knowledge and extensive product range, we can advise on the ideal solution for your business needs. Engineers around the world choose our customers products because of the interface that SCHURTER provides.  

To find out how we can help your business find the right solution, contact us today.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How SCHURTER Electronics is changing your dentist appointment

From waiting in line to book in for your appointment, to experiencing an unnerving wait in the dentist chair while they tap away at their keyboard, visiting the dentist isn't always the best experience. At SCHURTER Electronics, we are leading the way with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, creating new digital equipment that will save you time and money.

Digital Dentistry

Implementing capacitive touchscreens throughout the surgery is the first adoption of digital dentistry. Enabling patients to book in themselves saving queuing times and staff pressures is the first step to changing patients experience before they sit in the dentist chair.

Touchscreens in Practice

Dentists are now using capacitive touchscreens to explain to patients what they are seeing and how they can help. The display can give patients detailed visuals and help give a complete overview of any necessary surgery. While this can be a daunting thought for any patient, by allowing the patient to see what the dentist see's can help settle any nerves and enable any questions to be answered.

WATCH: How your next touchscreen solution is built

Ultrasonic Technology

Cutting edge ultra-sonic dental equipment uses touch technology to control the system. Ultrasonic technology equipment is accurate, fast, highly powerful, reliable and less invasive. For the dentist, a touch technology control panel provides a naturally intuitive experience. For the patient, the technology confers outstanding outcomes, less swelling and pain and complications.
Overall the patient experience is improved, is less traumatic and results in a swifter recovery.

To learn more on how our leading innovations can work in the medical sector, please click on the link below.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

With the growing buzz around industry 4.0, IOT, intelligent software and cyber-physical systems how will all of this be implemented into a smart factory and how will touchscreen technology fit in with industry 4.0?

Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology will be part of what is known as industry 4.0. It will create what is commonly known as a smart factory, connecting the digital world to the physical one.

Automated machines will be controlled by smart software, seamlessly connecting in real time to humans who can visualise  large amounts of data and make better business decisions.

The benefits factories and production lines will gain from this could be:

  • increased output
  • less downtime
  • faster/smarter processes

It will also give the production lines an increased amount of data, that can be used to increase performance and understanding of the production line.

The Touchscreen Solution

A touchscreen solution would offer an interface to control all this information. It would help ensure your factory is making the most of the technology offered by industry 4.0.

Touchscreen control solutions can be implemented in any industry where there’s human intervention with a machine. The increased demand for touchscreens is being driven by the need for enhanced efficiency and data security.  These complex machines need a control system, that’s why it’s imperative a touchscreen solution is used to help make your factory a smart one.

The Future Investment

A study by PwC shows that 'manufacturers intend to invest 5% of their revenue on digitisation by 2020 the most substantial part of which will be spent on sensors and HMI panels'. (Eureka Magazine).

With this knowledge, it’s safe to say that touchscreen solutions will be used to help make industry 4.0 a reality. If you don’t want to be left behind and really make the most of what industry 4.0 could offer, then looking into a touchscreen solution should be top of the list. 

SCHURTER is a leading touchscreen solutions provider, we can advise on the best solution for you. Using our Product lifecycle system SCHURTER can ensure your product is managed from the design and prototype phase all the way to the finished product.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

How a touchscreen solution can improve food industry equipment

Food manufacturing is a big industry in the UK and is strictly regulated for health and safety reasons. So checks for contamination and inedible materials are constant. X-ray technology is the ideal solution to inspect food, identifying physical contaminants. Such as metal, glass, stone and dense plastic to guarantee product safety. X-ray systems can also measure mass and check for damaged products or packaging, ensuring product integrity. It’s only with the use of these type of machines that health and safety laws can comply with.

Touchscreen Solution for food inspection equipment

These machines need to be controlled using an interface that’s easy to use. This is where SCHURTER come in, we offer the best in control system solutions for the food inspection industry. No machine can work without the correct control solution. There is a high level of detail that goes into building these machines. This means it needs an interface to match. The control system must also meet strict regulations of its own. This would entail being easy to clean by washdowns and being built using materials which cannot turn contaminants themselves, such as broken glass. If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything that you ask of it.

Why should you upgrade to a touchscreen solution?

SCHURTER's Touchscreen solutions

An HMI solution that isn’t a touchscreen solution will over time need new features. These changes and features can be installed with ease to a touchscreen solution. This will not be as seamless in an old switching panel. A touchscreen also offers a stream of information quickly displayed and easily acted upon. Older systems can slow down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Slowing down your food equipment, shouldn’t be the result of your HMI solution.

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Southern Manufacturing review 2018

Southern Manufacturing review 2018 

Manufacturing exhibitions are a great way to network and advertise products and services. Southern manufacturing is arguably one of the best for this. This manufacturing trade show has a large turnout each year. This means there’s a large audience of people who you can showcase your company to who are interested in manufacturing and could be looking into new products and companies. 

What can you expect from the exhibition?

SCHURTER returned to the exhibition this year and it was noticeable how much it had grown from previous years. The level of planning that had gone into making the exhibition run was evident and it seemed to work better. Factors that made the exhibitions popular.  
  •         New purpose built building
  •         Free parking
  •         Free admission
  •         Full Program of FREE technical seminars.

SCHURTER's Southern Manufacturing stand

Why doing the exhibition is worthwhile.

The Building and venue were impressive, with a new purpose built building. The overall facilities were vastly improved. It helped make the whole exhibition feel more professional and organised. It meant the exhibition offers the perfect environment to meet potential new customers and a platform to showcase your products

This gave SCHURTER a chance to engage in conversations with people who were generally interested in our products. There was a variety of different exhibitors, from many different markets. This included Materials, Aerospace, Automotive, and Electronics, defence & security and Energy. This offers a variety of industries exhibiting a wide selection of products.

SCHURTER would recommend the Southern Manufacturing exhibition to any company that wants to showcase their products and services to potential customers.

Finally, to everyone that we met at the exhibition, it was good to meet you and we hope you found the exhibition as good as we did.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

Gyms are a big part of the world we live in today and health and fitness has never been more popular than it is now. There seems to be more and more gym’s popping up each year. In fact, consumer spending on gym membership has soared by 44% in the last few years. What’s making gyms so popular? A big factor is the technology you find in modern gyms. Now gyms are packed with technology that is helping gym goers reach their goals. We will be focusing in particular on touch technology and the benefits it provides.

Touchscreen technology

A touchscreen is the perfect interface for smart exercise machines. Users have complete control of the machine at their fingertips. A user can use these touchscreens to set targets, measure progression and monitor performance with ease. The clear display guides users effortlessly and settings can be altered to match your needs and preferences. This can be achieved if you’re on the treadmill or a rowing machine, the touchscreen display can be mounted to many other machines you would find in the gym. An added benefit for the gyms themselves is the touch display can also be used to capture a target audience in the gym. Small cameras can be added to the equipment that will recognise the age, sex and mood of the person using the equipment and can then play an applicable advert.

Wearable touch technology

The popular Apple iWatch or Fitbit is seen more frequently in the gym.  They give immediate and accurate information to the wearer and can often be connected to gym equipment. This gives users even more control and personal health information such as their heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled during their workouts and can even monitor the wearer's sleeping pattern when at home.

How SCHURTER are involved

This Year SCHURTER has supplied several companies with cutting-edge touchscreen technology for smart exercise machinery. SCHURTER is designing solutions that meet the latest needs of fitness equipment manufacturers by understanding the requirements and needs of the industry and is committed to continuing to design and manufacture the latest touchscreen solutions. If you’re a fitness equipment manufacturer and want to take your machines to the next level, then talk to SCHURTER. We can help you to produce a touch solution just right for you and your customers.

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