Monday, 15 January 2018

How SCHURTER are changing your dentist experience

Visiting the dentist can be a nightmare for many and traditional methods don’t always offer the most pleasant experience. However, like many industries, dentistry is introducing new digital equipment that’s helping to improve your dentist experience.

Practice and patient records management

Implementing a touchscreen solution throughout the practice is the first adoption of digital dentistry. This allows patients to check in for their appointments with ease. Many dentists opt for this solution for its ease of use. All that is required is to confirm appointments is their date of birth and time before then being directed to the waiting area. Touchscreens are helping to change the patient's experience even before they sit in the dentist chair.

Touchscreens in the chair
Dentists are now using touchscreens to show and explain the dental work that will be carried out on their patients. The display can show patients detailed visuals and help give a complete overview of the dental work that will be done. This helps the patients understand the work to be done and provides peace of mind about the forthcoming procedure.

Displays helping to make cutting-edge equipment easy to use.

Cutting edge ultra-sonic dental equipment uses touch technology to control the system. Ultrasonic technology equipment is accurate, fast, highly powerful, reliable and less invasive. For the dentist, a touch technology control panel provides a naturally intuitive experience. For the patient, the technology confers outstanding outcomes, less swelling and pain and complications.
Overall the patient experience is improved, is less traumatic and results in a swifter recovery.
SCHURTER is continuing to work on the latest technologies on the market.

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

How are touchscreens improving your gym experience?

Gyms are a big part of the world we live in today and health and fitness has never been more popular than it is now. There seems to be more and more gym’s popping up each year. In fact, consumer spending on gym membership has soared by 44% in the last few years. What’s making gyms so popular? A big factor is the technology you find in modern gyms. Now gyms are packed with technology that is helping gym goers reach their goals. We will be focusing in particular on touch technology and the benefits it provides.

Touchscreen technology

A touchscreen is the perfect interface for smart exercise machines. Users have complete control of the machine at their fingertips. A user can use these touchscreens to set targets, measure progression and monitor performance with ease. The clear display guides users effortlessly and settings can be altered to match your needs and preferences. This can be achieved if you’re on the treadmill or a rowing machine, the touchscreen display can be mounted to many other machines you would find in the gym. An added benefit for the gyms themselves is the touch display can also be used to capture a target audience in the gym. Small cameras can be added to the equipment that will recognise the age, sex and mood of the person using the equipment and can then play an applicable advert.

Wearable touch technology

The popular Apple iWatch or Fitbit is seen more frequently in the gym.  They give immediate and accurate information to the wearer and can often be connected to gym equipment. This gives users even more control and personal health information such as their heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled during their workouts and can even monitor the wearer's sleeping pattern when at home.

How SCHURTER are involved

This Year SCHURTER has supplied several companies with cutting-edge touchscreen technology for smart exercise machinery. SCHURTER is designing solutions that meet the latest needs of fitness equipment manufacturers by understanding the requirements and needs of the industry and is committed to continuing to design and manufacture the latest touchscreen solutions. If you’re a fitness equipment manufacturer and want to take your machines to the next level, then talk to SCHURTER. We can help you to produce a touch solution just right for you and your customers.

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