Monday, 5 February 2018

3 reasons why you need to upgrade your HMI solution

Is your Human machine interface (HMI) no longer up to the job? Then it might be time to upgrade?  If you’re unsure then this blog post will help you to decide. SCHURTER is going to give you its top 3 signs of when it’s time to upgrade your HMI.

HMI solution used to control a machine

Tip 1: Is your control system delivering the functionality you require?  
If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything that you ask of it.  Every control requirement will be easily and quickly accessible. However, over time new features can be installed on the latest machines which might not be as easily accessed on an out of date HMI panel. When this occurs, it slows down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Your customers will become frustrated and may look at other machines that are quicker and easier to use. A major focus in today’s world is speed and efficiency and the HMI solution needs to facilitate this and not hamper it.

Tip 2:  Hard to use interface
An HMI solution should meet all your requirements for your customer. Top of this list should be ease of use/navigation of the system. The system shouldn’t require a huge amount of training to use. If the system is complex with many features that aren’t easy to navigate then your customer’s staff won’t be able to use the machine without lengthy training. Training costs your customers time and money. Remember the control system needs to be easy to use and the operator of the machine needs to be able to use the machine confidently to maximise production.  By designing an HMI solution with ease of use in mind, you are giving your customer a solution that will work for them.

Tip 3: is it touch?
If you’re looking to offer the latest HMI solution, then capacitive touchscreen technology is the leader on the market. The latest touch technology in phones and tablets accompanies our modern lifestyles. This same technology can then be intuitively used in the workplace. Large capacitive screens not only provide a quick exchange of information between the machine and end user but also solve all of the issues of functionality and ease of use and are totally future proof from simple software updates.
If you have decided your HMI unit is no longer up to the job and in need of an upgrade then the solution is simple. It’s also the key to making sure that your machines will be leading in your industry.

Touchscreen solution for an HMI System

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER. 

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