Thursday, 22 February 2018

How a touchscreen solution can improve food industry equipment

Food manufacturing is a big industry in the UK and is strictly regulated for health and safety reasons. So checks for contamination and inedible materials are constant. X-ray technology is the ideal solution to inspect food, identifying physical contaminants. Such as metal, glass, stone and dense plastic to guarantee product safety. X-ray systems can also measure mass and check for damaged products or packaging, ensuring product integrity. It’s only with the use of these type of machines that health and safety laws can comply with.

Touchscreen Solution for food inspection equipment

These machines need to be controlled using an interface that’s easy to use. This is where SCHURTER come in, we offer the best in control system solutions for the food inspection industry. No machine can work without the correct control solution. There is a high level of detail that goes into building these machines. This means it needs an interface to match. The control system must also meet strict regulations of its own. This would entail being easy to clean by washdowns and being built using materials which cannot turn contaminants themselves, such as broken glass. If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything that you ask of it.

Why should you upgrade to a touchscreen solution?

SCHURTER's Touchscreen solutions

An HMI solution that isn’t a touchscreen solution will over time need new features. These changes and features can be installed with ease to a touchscreen solution. This will not be as seamless in an old switching panel. A touchscreen also offers a stream of information quickly displayed and easily acted upon. Older systems can slow down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Slowing down your food equipment, shouldn’t be the result of your HMI solution.

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER.

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