Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

What could industry 4.0 bring to the future of touchscreen technology?

Touchscreens are a major part of our lives either at home or at work. But how important will they be in the future? With the growing buzz around industry 4.0, IOT, intelligent software and cyber-physical systems how will all of this be implemented into a smart factory and how will touchscreen technology fit in with industry 4.0?

Touchscreen technology will be part of what is known as industry 4.0. this will be the fourth industrial revolution for manufacturing and industry. This revolution creates what is commonly known as a smart factory. It will simply mean connecting the digital world to the physical one. Automated machines will be controlled by smart software and seamlessly connect in real time to humans who can visualise large amounts of scenarios and data and make better business decisions. The benefits factories and production lines would gain from this could be increased output, less downtime and faster/smarter processes. It will also give the production lines an increased amount of data. That can be used to increase performance and understanding of the production line.

A touchscreen solution would offer an interface to control all this information. It would help make sure your factory is making the most of the technology offered by industry 4.0. Touchscreen control solutions can be implemented in any industry where there’s human intervention with a machine. The increased demand for touchscreens is being driven by the need for enhanced efficiency and data security.  All these complex machines need a control system that will help control them. That’s why it’s imperative that a touchscreen solution is used to help make your factory a smart one.

A study by PwC shows that manufacturers intend to invest 5% of their revenue on digitisation by 2020 the most substantial part of which will be spent on sensors and HMI panels. (Eureka Magazine) With this knowledge, it’s safe to say that touchscreen solutions will be used to help make industry 4.0 a reality. If you don’t want to be left behind and really make the most of what industry 4.0 could offer. Then looking into a touchscreen solution should be top of the list. 

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