Monday, 30 July 2018

Smaller, faster, smarter, hotter....?

In today's manufacturing industry, there is an ever increasing need to make products smaller, faster and smarter; greater output in smaller packages. This is a good way to differentiate your product from others in the market and something our customers favour. However, having smaller more densely populated PCB's is not without its problems.

Thermal Runaway

Where there are more components working away, there is the unwanted by-product of heat, this can be problematic. There are many ways to dissipate heat through convection, radiation, conduction, ventilation and clever design. Yet the components still get hot!

This process is referred to as Thermal Runaway.  This describes the process of power semiconductors overheating due to a self reinforcing process generating heat. If this is not monitored the outcome can be damage of the components and can often lead to fire.

Safe & Easy

This is a safety consideration in modern electronics and one that SCHURTER offer as a protective solution.

SCHURTER offer a fully customisable USN 1206 and RTS to help you protect your products and customers.

If you would like to learn more about Thermal Runaway, please click on the Application Note, SCHURTER can offer a Safe and Easy solution to your fusing needs.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

3 reasons why you need to upgrade your HMI solution

Is your Human Machine Interface (HMI) no longer up to the job? Then it might be time to upgrade.  We give you three top reasons it's time to upgrade your HMI.

HMI solution used to control a machine

Tip 1

Is your control system delivering the functionality you require?  

If your HMI solution is correct for the machine it controls, then the system should be offering you everything you ask of it.  Every control requirement will be easily and quickly accessible.

However, over time, new features can be installed on the latest machines which might not be as easily accessed on an out of date HMI panel.

When this occurs, it slows down efficiency and will affect how quickly the machine is used. Your customers may become frustrated and look to seek other HMI solutions. A major focus in today’s world is speed and efficiency, and the HMI solution needs to facilitate this.

Tip 2

Hard to use interface

A HMI solution should meet all the requirements for your customer. Top of this list should be ease of use. If the system is complex with many features that aren’t easy to navigate then your customer won’t be able to use the machine without lengthy training. Training costs your customer time and money, therefore not providing them with the best solution.

By designing a HMI solution with ease of use in mind, you are giving your customer a solution that will work for them.

Tip 3

Is it touch?

If you’re looking to offer the latest HMI solution, then capacitive touchscreen technology is the leader on the market.

The latest touch technology in phones and tablets forms part of our modern lifestyles. This same technology can be intuitively used in the workplace.

Large capacitive screens not only provide a quick exchange of information between the machine and end user, but also solve all of the issues of functionality, ease of use and are completely future proof from simple software updates.

If you have decided your HMI unit is no longer up to the job and in need of an upgrade then the solution is simple. It’s also the key to ensure your machines are leading in your industry.

Touchscreen solution for an HMI System

SCHURTER are leading innovators in the market of HMI solutions, with many years’ experience in designing and manufacturing HMI’s. It’s with this level of understanding SCHURTER can offer a complete solution from the design phase all the way to the finished product. So if you’re thinking about a touchscreen solution then look no further than SCHURTER. 

Why the touch screen monitor is transforming the medical industry

The medical industry is a tough and challenging industry that has to constantly keep up with demands. The industry needs the latest technology that is easy to use, allows medical staff to access essential data quickly, and is adaptable in a rapidly changing sector. 

The SCHURTER Solution

Within SCHURTER Input Systems, we have specialists who can support you in the optimisation process and thereby bringing success to your product design.

Below are three points that show why the touch screen has changed the medical industry for the better.

Patient monitors and test results

All Medical staff can use the touch screen technology as an essential part of daily patient care.  With a data connection test results, X-rays, medical history and other information can be easily accessed and monitored. Medical staff can track their patient’s progress & medical diagnosis through various stages in their treatment in real time. 

Use of gloves

Using touch screens even when wearing medical gloves is now possible. SCHURTER has made this possible because of the superior signal-to-noise ratio. This has been obtained by our high-performance sensor, in combination with a state-of-the-art controller chip. This now allows medical staff who require gloves to use the touch screens without taking their gloves off and equally saving time.

Patient user experience

Using a touch screen monitor to check in for an appointment in local healthcare facilities are becoming more common. With many practices opting for the idea because of how simple it is for users. All that is required is to confirm their date of birth and appointment time before then being directed to the waiting area. 

Touch screens can also help users with navigation around a hospital by offering an easy to use interface that’s offers the best route to the end destination.

The experience of medical applications is key to successfully implement new medical applications. Within the SCHURTER Input Division, we have specialists to assist you for this optimisation and bring your product design to a success.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bringing the sound of the World Cup 2018 home

England may not be bringing the World Cup home this year but the team have restored hope and faith in the British public for the next World Cup. One part of the match that is a certain score is the sound, but how are SCHURTER part of this?

Control Panels & Touchscreens

SCHURTER has a core role in large sporting events such as the Super Bowl and now the World Cup. The custom made control panel, built with state of the art touchscreen technology, enables the sound engineers to manage all of the sound mixing. Including England's winning goal cheers directly to your TV.

The HMI solution

SCHURTER is a leading provider of customised HMI solutions to the sound and video mixing industries. With our in depth knowledge and extensive product range, we can advise on the ideal solution for your business needs. Engineers around the world choose our customers products because of the interface that SCHURTER provides.  

To find out how we can help your business find the right solution, contact us today.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How SCHURTER Electronics is changing your dentist appointment

From waiting in line to book in for your appointment, to experiencing an unnerving wait in the dentist chair while they tap away at their keyboard, visiting the dentist isn't always the best experience. At SCHURTER Electronics, we are leading the way with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, creating new digital equipment that will save you time and money.

Digital Dentistry

Implementing capacitive touchscreens throughout the surgery is the first adoption of digital dentistry. Enabling patients to book in themselves saving queuing times and staff pressures is the first step to changing patients experience before they sit in the dentist chair.

Touchscreens in Practice

Dentists are now using capacitive touchscreens to explain to patients what they are seeing and how they can help. The display can give patients detailed visuals and help give a complete overview of any necessary surgery. While this can be a daunting thought for any patient, by allowing the patient to see what the dentist see's can help settle any nerves and enable any questions to be answered.

WATCH: How your next touchscreen solution is built

Ultrasonic Technology

Cutting edge ultra-sonic dental equipment uses touch technology to control the system. Ultrasonic technology equipment is accurate, fast, highly powerful, reliable and less invasive. For the dentist, a touch technology control panel provides a naturally intuitive experience. For the patient, the technology confers outstanding outcomes, less swelling and pain and complications.
Overall the patient experience is improved, is less traumatic and results in a swifter recovery.

To learn more on how our leading innovations can work in the medical sector, please click on the link below.

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