Monday, 30 July 2018

Smaller, faster, smarter, hotter....?

In today's manufacturing industry, there is an ever increasing need to make products smaller, faster and smarter; greater output in smaller packages. This is a good way to differentiate your product from others in the market and something our customers favour. However, having smaller more densely populated PCB's is not without its problems.

Thermal Runaway

Where there are more components working away, there is the unwanted by-product of heat, this can be problematic. There are many ways to dissipate heat through convection, radiation, conduction, ventilation and clever design. Yet the components still get hot!

This process is referred to as Thermal Runaway.  This describes the process of power semiconductors overheating due to a self reinforcing process generating heat. If this is not monitored the outcome can be damage of the components and can often lead to fire.

Safe & Easy

This is a safety consideration in modern electronics and one that SCHURTER offer as a protective solution.

SCHURTER offer a fully customisable USN 1206 and RTS to help you protect your products and customers.

If you would like to learn more about Thermal Runaway, please click on the Application Note, SCHURTER can offer a Safe and Easy solution to your fusing needs.

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