Monday, 20 August 2018

Design the ideal touchscreen solution for your security system

Security systems in the home and workplace are rapidly changing. As the age of the smart building and home approaches, building owners are becoming increasingly uninterested in a small keypad that only enables a code to arm and disarm a building's alarm.

The Control Panel

A touchscreen enabled device is user friendly and can offer the complete needs of the user's lifestyle and requirements. By incorporating a touch solution as the control panel, the security measures offers ease and familiarity to the user.

A system that comprises of just motion sensors and magnetic door contacts is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Owners increasingly demand a flexible system where they decide what they require. The possibility to add video cameras, control lights, replay video clips, take pictures, communicate with emergency services or even control the thermostat. There is no other interface device more suitable for this than the touchscreen.


SCHURTER is a leading designer and manufacturer of touchscreens and displays. Our unique knowledge of all the required components allows it to design and manufacture the perfect solution for a security control panel. This can include:

  • face recognition camera technology for easy 'one touch' arming and disarming
  • microphone and speaker technology
  • high definition and high brightness displays combined with optical bonding to provide the ultimate viewing experience
All of the combined in an attractive, sleek small footprint housing, ideal for a home or workplace setting.

To learn more on how SCHURTER can provide your security solution, click here.

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