Thursday, 13 September 2018

A Balancing Act

The Big Issue

As I am sure you know the automotive industry is making a huge shift to electric vehicles, this in turn is drive huge development and innovation in batteries. One of the biggest issues is efficiency, you get a lot less miles out of a full battery charge than you do out of a full tank of fuel be it diesel or petrol.

Battery Balancing

The challenge has been set. Develop a battery that is small and light enough to be in a car that is going to replace the need for a combustion engine. Battery powered engines also have one other draw back, Battery Balancing. Batteries usually consist of several cells, these cells need to be managed to ensure that they all charge to the maximum time after time to maintain the same efficiency of the first charge.

The need for a battery management system has arose. These systems can ensure the batteries charge to their maximum, and increase the life-cycle of the batteries by monitoring the charging and discharging process. Batteries are at risk when they are exposed to over temperature, short-circuits  and pulsed over currents. SCHURTER offer many different fusing options to protect against this. Including the USN 1206, RTS, UST ranges.

If you would like to find out more about battery balancing technology, you can read the full application note below.


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