Thursday, 20 September 2018

The SCHURTER Design Process: Design to Production

Understanding the what, where and how your business will implement a touchscreen solution into your everyday needs is the initial stage in our product design process. You can read how we work through those requirements in our article, ‘The SCHURTER Design Process: What Does Your Customer Want.'  

Drawing Stage

Once we have an understanding of the business needs and sourced the components from our suppliers, we can start the drawing stage.

At SCHURTER we offer a fully customisable touchscreen solution. This can involve modifying components to fit the customised product. Once we have briefed the suppliers of the modifications, they return to us, a drawing with these included. The customer will also be involved at this stage, with us requiring approval from them.

SCHURTER also ensures we approve the supplier drawing before returning it, to start the build.

The Samples

On average samples take up to 12 weeks to arrive at SCHURTER. When they arrive, we check them against the original drawing and once we have completed our checks, the samples are forwarded to the customer.

Once our customer has received the products and approved them, our team will move onto the next part of the journey, pre-production.


Pilot runs can be requested by the customer, this is when a smaller quantity of the overall order are produced. The main purpose of this is to ensure quality and standards can be maintained when producing on a larger scale. The other reason for pre-production is for the customer to receive concept models which can be used for marketing and distribution.

Once the pre-production products are approved by the customer, the final step is mass production.


Initial production now go ahead, it is normal that production takes place in tranches. The first quantity may not be for the overall order, the actual highest quantity could take a couple of years to build up for the particular product.

Read our previous article: The SCHURTER Design Process: What do your customers want?

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