Wednesday, 31 October 2018

EDS 2018

On the 17 - 18 October this year, our team exhibited at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The annual EDS is a key date for our exhibition calendar. Giving us the opportunity to catch up with existing suppliers and customers, also giving us the chance to start journeys with new businesses.

EDS 2018 

This year, we decided to change our exhibition stand by introducing our new interactive electronics display. 

Previously our products have been on display but behind glass cabinets, hindering visitors to interact with our products. 

Taking this learning forward, we created our interactive electronics display.

This not only encouraged interested parties to stop, but also those who weren't necessarily looking for what we have to offer - broadening their electronics knowledge and giving them the chance to learn of our products and business.

SmartScan App

Another change we made this year, was to use the SmartScan App supplied by the show organisers. By scanning visitor's QR codes on their badges, it allows us to capture important data with efficiency and ease. 

Post exhibition, we were able to download the data easily and it saved precious time for our team on the stand. This tool we would highly recommend and will be continuing to use this for future exhibitions.

Overall, we spoke to a range of people including engineers and company directors - really gaining an insight into how SCHURTER can help find these business's their electronic solutions. We are optimistic about the leads generated from the show and we look forward to catching up with the businesses we met in the next few weeks...roll on EDS 2019.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Bucks Skills Show 2018 - Opening The Door Into Electronics

Our team recently exhibited at the annual Bucks Skills Show, meeting some fantastic students who are in the process of considering their next steps into the world of work.

Bucks Skills Show

The annual show encourages businesses from and around Buckinghamshire to exhibit their career opportunities for students aged 11 - 18 years old. With over 2,000 students visiting, it not only gives them, but teachers and parents the chance to meet with a range of businesses and find out what they each have to offer the next generation.

>>learn more on Bucks Skills Show

Meeting The Next Generation

Over the course of the two days, we meet many people interested to learn more about the world of electronics. Giving the students an insight into how our global and national operations work, discussing our own experiences of working for SCHURTER and how they can get involved.

What SCHURTER Have To Offer

Apprenticeships and work experience were the main focus throughout the event. Both teachers and parents were particularly interested in how our brand could support their own students' and children with the development and integration into working life.

The overall response from the exhibition was positive. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Bucks Skills Show. Our involvement with students is something we aim to take forward into 2019, from being involved with school career days to offering possible site visits and potentially work experience.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Electronic Components Within The Medical Industry

At SCHURTER, we are continuously monitoring the changing requirements and needs of the medical industry. Through the development of new technologies and break-through medical advances, our business maintains an in-depth knowledge.


We take our responsibility seriously by offering reliable and well-designed components along with global standards. It is our duty to reduce the risk of electrical shock and help customers avoid an EMC non-compliance or safety shut down mechanisms.

Medical Components

Medical apparatus are associated with IEC-60601 and have many sub categories which define compliance to specific equipment types. A good example of this, is our filtered power entry module, DC12 which provides protection class II. The DC12 has been designed according to IEC 60601-1-11 which outlines additional safety measures specific to medical equipment used in the home. Importantly, the level of insulation offered is doubled when compared to Class I Inlet filters.

>> view DC12 datasheet

Our components are included within many diagnostic equipment such as:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Endoscopes
  • Ophthalmic tonometer's
  • Medical pumps
  • Centrifuges
  • Blood glucose meters
For critical life care we have experience of supplying components into critical applications including defibrillators and dialysis equipment. 

Practical Innovations

A medical system is designed by teams of engineers who are frequently focused on specific system functions. Some more obvious system requirements can be overlooked at the early stage of the design process. For example, not considering EMC, fuse derating factors or considering circuit breakers.

A practical innovation has been adopted by employing our V-Locking mains cable with mating inlets, avoiding accidental disconnection of power.

Medical Standards

Our decision to focus on Means of Patient Protection (MOPP), which is the safety of the patient receiving treatments or Means of Operator Protection (MOOP) is critically important. We incorporate these practices throughout our design and development process of all components in critical applications.

Reviewing the standards at components level, does not ensure 100% compliance for the whole instrument's compliance. It is good practice to select the best safe, reliable and well-designed components.

We must always consider the application and overall system performance. It sounds like a cliché, however it is true; a partnership is helpful at the earliest stage of the design process.

To find out more on what SCHURTER can offer the medical industry, visit our website. Alternatively, you can contact our team via email to arrange of FREE consultation. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Touch The Future Of Audio Mixing

The live sound mixing console is rapidly changing. It is not so long ago that analogue mixing consoles were dominating the console market. However, year on year, the industry has been converting It is this new format that is offering a new world of ease of use and creativity.

Mixing with Touch Technology

As the market has changed, so have the requirements of the humane machine interface. the equipment, switches, dials and faders are now being replaced with capacitive touch screen technology, allowing the sound engineers a more intuitive experience. Combining the latest digital technology and operating system software.

The SCHURTER Solution

SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of touchscreen technology to the sound mixing desk market. The touchscreens are used by sound engineers to reliably and consistently deliver the perfectly mixed sound in live music and sporting events around the globe.

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Monday, 1 October 2018

PCAP Touch Displays - Overcoming The Challenges

Touchscreens are rapidly becoming the prevalent technology for any interaction between human and machine. The push in the last decade has come from projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens being rapidly adopted in a range of sectors.

An example of these are sectors are:

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Vending
  • Point of Sale 

PCAP Development

To develop a PCAP touchscreen for a wide range of applications and environments, it requires complete understanding of the individual components. Examples of the components are; the cover lens material, touch sensor or any modular shortcut capacitive keys.

The first consideration should always be who will be using the touchscreen. How will they be using it and where? This will then drive the selection of the individual components and how they will work together.

The Challenges

Consideration needs to be given to how the following challenges will be overcome during the process.

Multi touch use: how will the touch display be used? Do all ten fingers need to be recognised or is this less?

EMC requirements: where will the machine be used and what are the electromagnetic compatibility standards required? This is very important in some areas such as a hospital critical care unit or in some military equipment. EMI in the environment is also an important factor as electrical interference can produce false “ghost” touches if not factored into the selection of components and tuning of the controller firmware. This can be critical in environments with lots of machines operating such as a factory.

Water, condensation and steam: both water and steam can produce ghost actuations on a PCAP screen. With the complete knowledge of the firmware in the PCAP controller, the system can be made to identify and ignore the presence or water, steam and condensation.

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Will the machine operators be using gloves: if known at the initial stages, the PCAP design can be specifically designed to operate perfectly for a variety of gloves.

Could this machine be subject to vandalism: a PCAP touchscreen can be ruggedised to perform in harsh environments such as door access, ATM or ticket machines. An increased thickness of chemically strengthened or toughened glass can be used to withstand situations where machines may be subject to deliberate vandalism.

The SCHURTER Solution

Only a manufacturer with in-depth knowledge gained from working with the individual components of the touchscreen can produce the correct design and product for complex modern environments. 

SCHURTER has been designing and producing touch solutions for over 40 years and with its supreme knowledge, skills and experience in capacitive solutions, we are the partner of choice for some of the most prominent European manufacturers of machines in a multitude of markets.

To find out more on our touch display solutions visit our website. Alternatively you can email our team for to arrange a FREE consultation.