Friday, 28 June 2019

Touch The Future of Audio Mixing

The live sound mixing console is rapidly changing. It is not so long ago that analogue mixing consoles were dominating the console market. However, year on year, the industry has been converting It is this new format that is offering a new world of ease of use and creativity.

Mixing with Touch Technology

As the market has changed, so have the requirements of the humane machine interface. the equipment, switches, dials and faders are now being replaced with capacitive touch screen technology, allowing the sound engineers a more intuitive experience. Combining the latest digital technology and operating system software.

The SCHURTER Solution

SCHURTER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of touchscreen technology to the sound mixing desk market. The touchscreens are used by sound engineers to reliably and consistently deliver the perfectly mixed sound in live music and sporting events around the globe.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The Interface Series: Parallel Interface

The parallel interface is an interface which sends up to 8 bits of data for each of the three colours; red, green and blue every clock cycle between a processor and a display. With up to 24 bits in total transmitted every clock cycle, a clock rate of up to 50 MHz can be achieved.

What are the benefits?

The parallel interface has a low cost due to the maturity of the technology and is widely accepted and used within the industry. It works with medium to large displays and has bandwidth capabilities of up to 1.2 GB/sec.

What are the drawbacks?

Due to 24 bits of data being transmitted of red, green and blue, up to 24 pin-outs are required from your processor, all 29 pins will output a fast clock signal which can create electrical noise and can cause issues confirming to EMC standards, to get around this issue you should consider moving to a LVDS display.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Self-Capacitance vs Mutual-Capacitance

What's the difference?

Self-capacitance measures the absolute sensor capacitance where the mutual-capacitance measures the interaction between two electrodes.

What are the benefits of Self-Capacitance?

The self-capacitance offers a simple sensor design and can be used in a range of design shapes such as round, heart and rectangular. This method is ideal for 15 touch keys and below as each sensor needs its own connection to a controller IC.

What are the benefits of Mutual-Capacitance?

Unlike the self-capacitance, the mutual-capacitance method has a complex sensor design. The double ITO layer, or crossings in silver tracks, lends it sophistication to the needs of a higher number of touch keys. As  result of this method, the mutual capacitance is deemed 'good' for water resistance. Mutual-capacitance also enables a multi touch feature which allows gesture recognition such as pinch, zoom and rotate.

Which method is best suited for my business requirements?

While the mutual-capacitance is mainly used for touchscreens, the self-capacitance is used for smaller, less complex products such as individual buttons and sliders.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Southern Manufacturing 2019

On 5th -  7th February this year, the SCHURTER Electronics team exhibited at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition in Farnborough. 

First Show of 2019

Southern Manufacturing was the first show of the year for SCHURTER Electronics, giving the team the chance to meet with people and hear about the current challenges businesses are facing and the aims for 2019.

During the Electronic Design Show (EDS) in October 2018, the team displayed the latest addition to the exhibition stand, the interactive display stand. This proved popular with everyone, so for Southern Manufacturing an additional stand was built enabling passers by the see even more products that SCHURTER Electronics offer.

Having the second stand allowed SCHURTER Electronics to exhibit its latest innovations; including the home intercom touchscreen. The product is used as an intercom for homes such as flats and comes with a range of features including a glass surface and safety lock function.

End of the Exhibition

By the end of the exhibition on Thursday, the team had met up with familiar faces and also met new people looking for their business's electronic components solution. The exhibition also gave SCHURTER Electronics the opportunity to learn about new technologies and what 2019 has in-store for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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